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Tracey Tee is not a doctor, and any information she shares pertaining to psychedelics, supplements or any other health and wellness modality is not meant to treat, diagnose, or claim cures for any physical conditions or mental illness. If you choose to purchase any suggested supplements, wellness tools, microdose or consume psychedelics, you are choosing to do so as a personal choice, from your own free will, not based on any recommendation from any outside parties including Tracey Tee and/or Band of Mothers Media.


Psychedelics and sacred plant medicines are not for everyone. As a psychedelic advocate and educator, Tracey Tee is not promoting the mindless use or consumption of any sacred plant medicines, including any not discussed in this course.


We strongly encourage all students to seek out professional advice, including but not limited to advice from physical health providers, mental health providers, or lawyers, as appropriate, before they undertake any actions that could have an impact on their physical, mental, or emotional health, or which could impact their legal rights. The course, coaches and author - Tracey Tee - are not responsible for any actions or inaction, on a participant’s part, based on the information that is presented in these course materials.

Please do not ask Tracey Tee or our members for medical advice or legal advice. By participating in any M.O.M. Course, Program and Community, you agree to be solely personally responsible for your choices and seek out professional advice as you deem necessary.

Please use discernment when choosing when, where, and how to engage with psychedelics or any illegal substance.

There are serious contraindications with various health conditions and pharmaceutical medications. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND TAKE ACTION TO BE INFORMED.

Please do not consume psychedelics if on any medications (especially SSRIs) without consulting with a doctor first.

If you choose to consume psychedelics, consider having someone there to support you. If you are hiring a third party professional to aid you in your microdosing journey or a macro dose journey please vet them before employing their services.

Please remember that you are 100% responsible for your actions and the subsequent consequences. Please take ownership and full responsibility for the choices you are making for your body, your physical and mental health, and your life. Please consider approaching psychedelics with humility and respect. It is possible to over-consume psychedelics and abuse them.

If you are considering working with psychedelics, please take into account your set and setting and prioritize your plant medicine integration.

*Remember: Psilocybin mushrooms are illegal in most places. Please act responsibly.

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Microdosing 101 for Moms

Learn ALL the basics of microdosing (and then some!) with this easy and fun 101 Intro Course that will clear confusion and answer questions.

What you'll get:

  • EXCLUSIVE M.O.M. DOSAGE PROTOCOL (how often to microdose, and how much to take)
  • COST: $44

[ This is not intended to be used as medical advice. ]

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