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This space is bigger than any one person, and I consider myself not the "owner" or "founder" but rather the STEWARD of an evolution that has been centuries, maybe even lifetimes in the making: to remember who we really are.

Knowing this is the goal, below is the M.O.M Mission:

  1. De-stigmatize Psychedelics. Especially for Moms   
    We can't move forward in healing and raising our consciousness if we're smothered in fear, guilt, shame and old programming around the use of psychedelics or the act of self healing. Speaking out and standing up for this journey is our #1 mission.
  2. Promote Safe, Intentional and Sacred Use of Psychedelics   
    This happens with continued education, conversation and dedication to using plant medicine as an ally and guide, rather than viewing it as a quick fix, magic bullet or crutch.
  3. Remain Humbly In Service to Others, Always
  4. Teach and Promote Reciprocity, Responsibility and Respect


There is so much to learn from our Elders; especially the Original Peoples who have lived in communion with this medicine for centuries. With this in mind we promise to: 

  • Give back to foundations and communities preserving plant medicine and Original Cultures whenever possible
  • Actively and consistently listen and learn from Original Cultures and Elders, with a focus on women in these communities
  • Seek out the smallest footprint and most sustainable practices while using plant medicine
  • Acknowledge that engaging in some practices and medicines can cross over to cultural appropriation and disrespect for Original Cultures, which means walking away when it's not in alignment
  • Always always always treat plant medicine and it's origins with the upmost respect


bringing moms together through the sacred use of  plant medicine

for a shared journey of personal growth and healing


The Grow Monthly Membership

Are you Psylo-curious but not ready to dive into a course? No worries, we got you! 

The Grow Monthly Membership is a perfect way to educate yourself, connect with other moms and dip your toes into microdosing without all the confusion and overwhelm.

No more random google searches. No more scrolling and trying to decide which accounts are legit. This monthly membership will provide you with clear, easy-to-understand information and resources so you can get your questions answered and decide if you want to dive deeper.

  •  Connect with like-minded moms
  •  Learn about microdosing and psychedelics inside a safe, vetted community platform
  •  Ask questions, share, GROW...outside of prying eyes from traditional social media

No advertisers. No algorithims. No influencers. No drama.
Just moms wanting to heal.

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A growing database filled with scientific studies, podcasts, videos and more so you can start your own research. All vetted through the lens of being a mother on this journey.


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  • Interactions from a growing group of M.O.M. expert “advisors” who can step in and offer advice as discussions happen

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  • Unlimited Access to our Resource Garden which offers access to information about microdosing and psychedelics that is researched, vetted and customized just for moms. Continuously updated!

  • Beautiful myco-inspired meditations created by Tracey to help you connect with the medicine and grow your spiritual practice

  • High Vibe Playlists on Spotify for new music inspo to raise your frequency

  • Exclusive offers from vetted and trusted partners and practitioners dedicated to supporting moms in their healing journeys



I'm Tracey. 

I am honored that you've found yourself here!

I am not a guru, influencer, life coach or healer. I consider myself to be a lifelong student of spirituality, plant medicine and health, and I come to you as a humble teacher + guide who finds immense joy in being of service to moms.

The mycelial network has worked its way into, around, and through my heart, guiding me to extend its network around moms. With all the respect I can muster, I accept the offer to work with Its medicine as the foundation of this new work with mothers. The old ways, paradigms and narratives that have permeated our culture are crumbling away and there is a palpable rise in Divine Feminine energy waiting for us to co-create a new and more sustainable way of life. I see mothers at the forefront of creating this burgeoning New Earth.


Mothers stepping into their own sovereignty and their birthright of happiness.

Mothers who recognize that there is something greater than ourselves out there in the Universe.


Mothers who value communication, vulnerability, courage and love, and who are willing to weave it into every fiber of their lives.


Mothers willing to raise our children in a new way that is detached from toxic patriarchal, corporate and religious dogma.


Mothers facing their trauma and letting it go for good.


Mothers detached from fear.


Mothers who want to live free.


Those are big exclamations, I know. But the good news is we can start small. All it takes is you, me and a few other amazing, confused, broken, powerful, intelligent, funny, soulful, grieving, curious, open-hearted moms gathering together to learn and talk it out with love at the center of all things.


I hope you join us.

"The Grow is my space to feel heard and safe - to ask questions and feel no judgement. I'm so grateful for the resources, but mainly for the connections with people like me."

Trina H.

"I love having a place where other moms are supporting each other with knowledge and insights on plant medicine. The Grow has been life-changing for me."

Kat C.



Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Like no matter how many new modalities you try, medications you take, therapists you see, you just can't seem to connect with that part of yourself that is present, whole and happy?

If so, microdosing might offer you a pathway forward.

We'll help you sift out the fake news, scare tactics and "Drug War" propaganda around plant medicine to elevate the benefits through research, discussions and hearing from other moms. Once you've gotten to understand some of the basics, I'm certain you'll be open to hearing the stories of other moms sharing this journey, and realize this is a healing path we can - and should - pursue in community.



Join our fun, frank and informative chat with life-long besties, moms and microdosers Tracey Tee and Shayna Bryan. Available to The Grow members only.

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Already working with plant medicine?

Shifting the narrative around psychedelics - especially when it involves mothers - is going to be a grass-roots revolution that we do together.

If you're already microdosing or using plant medicine/psychedelics on your own and have felt like you have no community to share your experiences with...PLEASE JOIN US! We need your voice and we want your presence in this space!


This community grows and expands with you. Every day we're adding more information, more activities and more ways to learn and heal together.
We're excited and grateful that YOU will be part of this revolution for moms!

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Course.1 connects you with a small cohort of moms like you, guided by Tracey, to begin your journey into plant medicine with each other's support.

Classes are online and scheduled every other week for 6 sessions.


The Self-Guided course is a great way deepen your spiritual journey on your own time, especially if you've already started microdosing.

Includes monthly online calls with other Self-Guided course members


Have a group of moms friends that want to experience the power of plant medicine together. Tracey will guide your own personal cohort through Course.1.

Class times are customized to fit your group!


 Maybe groups aren't your thing... and that's okay! You can work one-on-one with Tracey as your personal guide. She'll lead you through the course material and integration of the medicine all on your own, on your own schedule.

Especially great if you feel you need extra support.


 Microdosing 101 is a great place to start. You'll get educated and enlightened in this online only course that explains everything from the science of mushrooms to "what even IS a microdose?"

A perfect guide for psilo-curious beginners.