Are you interested in taking a microdosing course with other moms?





This space is bigger than any one person, and I consider myself not the "owner" or "founder" but rather the STEWARD of an evolution that has been centuries, maybe even lifetimes in the making: to remember who we really are.

Knowing this is the goal, below is the M.O.M Mission:

  1. De-stigmatize Psychedelics. Especially for Moms   
    We can't move forward in healing and raising our consciousness if we're smothered in fear, guilt, shame and old programming around the use of psychedelics or the act of self healing. Speaking out and standing up for this journey is our #1 mission.
  2. Promote Safe, Intentional and Sacred Use of Psychedelics   
    This happens with continued education, conversation and dedication to using plant medicine as an ally and guide, rather than viewing it as a quick fix, magic bullet or crutch.
  3. Remain Humbly In Service to Others, Always
  4. Teach and Promote Reciprocity, Responsibility and Respect


There is so much to learn from our Elders; especially the Original Peoples who have lived in communion with this medicine for centuries. With this in mind we promise to: 

  • Give back to foundations and communities preserving plant medicine and Original Cultures whenever possible
  • Actively and consistently listen and learn from Original Cultures and Elders, with a focus on women in these communities
  • Seek out the smallest footprint and most sustainable practices while using plant medicine
  • Acknowledge that engaging in some practices and medicines can cross over to cultural appropriation and disrespect for Original Cultures, which means walking away when it's not in alignment
  • Always always always treat plant medicine and it's origins with the upmost respect


bringing moms together through the sacred use of  plant medicine

for a shared journey of personal growth and healing


an introduction to microdosing – exclusively for mothers

Are you feeling the call to plant medicine, but have NO IDEA where to start? No worries! We got you!

Moms on Mushrooms was created because I believe that working with this medicine is just so different when you're a mom.

I also believe this medicine is BEST when done in COMMUNITY. For too long we've isolated ourselves from our communities, from that tribal way of life that allowed us to share our experiences in real time, in real life, with others who deeply care about our happiness and success. It is my believe that the mushrooms are bringing us back together to remember that this is the way.

M.O.M. is the bridge from the old to the new, gladly utilizing the best parts of modern technology to easily connect us back together.

Does this resonate with you?

  • We don't have time to go to 10-day retreats and sit in ceremony
  • We're busy and overwhelmed already; so a course has to feel like SUPPORT, not a burden
  • We need facts, safety information and trusted resources they can depend on
  • We want to feel seen, heard and UNDERSTOOD; we know that usually happens best when we share our life experiences with other mothers
  • We're tired of being talked AT or worse, talked DOWN TO. We want to feel safe to be ourselves and ask questions without judgement
  • We come all different parts of the country, from different races, different family dynamics, different physical and mental health concerns, different religious beliefs with different jobs and different ways of raising our children. We don't fit into one mold and we don't want to feel like we have to when microdosing.

Welcome to the course AND community you've been searching for! M.O.M.'s Course.1 was created by a mom JUST LIKE YOU, with a growing community portal called The Grow to support you along the way.

  •  Connect with like-minded moms
  •  Learn about microdosing and psychedelics inside a safe, vetted community platform
  •  Ask questions, share, GROW while you journey with this medicine...outside of prying eyes from traditional social media

No advertisers. No algorithims. No influencers. No drama.
Just moms wanting to heal.

Lifetime Access to Course Materials!

Once you sign up for Course.1 you'll have access to it for life. Come back and revisit the lessons that helped you heal. It's yours and it's always in the same place: right inside the M.O.M. Community Portal.


Access The Grow Community!

When you sign up for Course.1 you'll gain premium access to our nationally recognized community membership called The Grow+. Enjoy the "FB-group" type feel of reading other's posts and comments, while posting your own thoughts inside a protected and very private community portal.


Instant Access to Microdosing 101!

Before diving into deeper integration and intention with your cohort, you'll want to learn all about it what microdosing actually IS. The M.O.M. Microdosing 101 Course will answer ALL your questions and you can dive into it the second you sign up!



The M.O.M. Course.1 is unlike anything else in the psychedelic space. It was created to help you learn all about microdosing while gently guiding you through integration in community as you journey with plant medicine. And it's JUST FOR MOMS.

  • The course is THREE MONTHS LONG so you have time to really get to know the medicine.

  • Enjoy an easy but comprehensive Microdosing 101 module that will answer ALL your "how" and "why" questions about microdosing...from dosage amounts to dosage options... and even provide you with an exclusive M.O.M. Protocol so you can start with this medicine knowing EXACTLY what to do.

  • You'll join SIX BI-WEEKLY CALLS that each last 90 minutes. That's one zoom call every other week, so you can schedule this sacred time for yourself and plan on it without getting too overwhelmed. (This is where the magic happens. You won't want to miss a single call.)

  • In each call we'll have a short meditation, we'll journal together for a few minutes (because no mom has time to journal like she thinks she we do it together in class!) and then we get to talking.

  • In between calls you'll guide yourself through six short, easy and fun lessons that help you open your hearts to different aspects of yourself...the good, the bad...the parts that need healing.

  • The only "work" you'll be asked to do in between our calls is a JAM. (Journal Prompt, Activation Exercise, Mantra) JAMs are short, easy and there's only 3-4 per lesson. So, you have two weeks in each lesson to complete just a few easy JAMs that will absolutely help you go deeper with your microdosing practice.

  • You'll be a member of The Garden: M.O.M.'s exclusive and very intimate group of moms who are currently or who have just recently finished a M.O.M. Course. My prayer for this group is that it is a space where everyone helps each other out. There are no "leaders" or "gurus" just moms who are working to feel better in their own skin, cheering each other on and offering honest, heart-centered advice to each other.

  • Enjoy exclusive offers from vetted and trusted partners and practitioners dedicated to supporting moms in their healing journeys.

  • Enjoy FULL PORTAL ACCESS as a Grow+ Member while you're taking your course. You'll have access to The Grow group (feels kind of like FB for moms on shrooms) the Resource Garden and the Video Garden which offer deeper dives into research, philosophy and application of psychedelics.



I'm Tracey. 

I'm the creator of M.O.M. and I'm honored that you've found yourself here!

I am not a guru, influencer, life coach or healer. I consider myself to be a lifelong student of spirituality, plant medicine and health, and I come to you as a humble teacher + guide who finds immense joy in being of service to moms.

The mycelial network has worked its way into, around, and through my heart, guiding me to extend its network around moms. With all the respect I can muster, I accept the offer to work with Its medicine as the foundation of this new work with mothers. The old ways, paradigms and narratives that have permeated our culture are crumbling away and there is a palpable rise in Divine Feminine energy waiting for us to co-create a new and more sustainable way of life. I see mothers at the forefront of creating this burgeoning New Earth. 

Mothers stepping into their own sovereignty and their birthright of happiness.

Mothers who recognize that there is something greater than ourselves out there in the Universe. 

Mothers who value communication, vulnerability, courage and love, and who are willing to weave it into every fiber of their lives. 

Mothers willing to raise our children in a new way that is detached from toxic patriarchal, corporate and religious dogma. 

Mothers facing their trauma and letting it go for good. 

Mothers detached from fear.

Mothers who want to live free.

Those are big exclamations, I know. But the good news is we can start small. All it takes is you, me and a few other amazing, confused, broken, powerful, intelligent, funny, soulful, grieving, curious, open-hearted moms gathering together to learn and talk it out with love at the center of all things. 

I hope you join us.

"I knew I wanted to learn about plant medicine but didn’t know how to go about it in a way that worked for me. When Tracey shared her experience with this medicine I knew that I had found the right person who could help guide the process in a way that was respectful, encouraging, and fun. I have learned so much about not only this medicine but about myself and our bi weekly zoom calls are a true lifeline and something I am so grateful for. "

Debbie S. | Colorado

"If you are a mom and thinking about microdosing and exploring plant medicine, M.O.M. is for you. Tracey manages to honor the unique experience of every mom while also tapping into the shared experience of motherhood that ties us all together. Her encouragement, guidance and facilitation create a unique dynamic that allows you to bring your whole self to the group and integrate your microdosing experience into your life. I can not recommend this program enough!"

Clara G. | Wisconsin



Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Like no matter how many new modalities you try, medications you take, therapists you see, you just can't seem to connect with that part of yourself that is present, whole and happy?

If so, microdosing might offer you a pathway forward.

To be clear: THIS IS NOT A MAGIC PILL. Your life will *not* change overnight; your problems will *not* magically go away. But wow, you'll likely witness lots of transformations if you're open to it.

  • The course will help give you clarity around your medications (especially SSRIs) and how to create a path forward with safely and with support.
  • The community portal will help you sift out the fake news, scare tactics and "Drug War" propaganda around plant medicine to elevate the benefits through research, discussions and hearing from other moms.
  • The calls will give you context and anecdotal examples of all the different ways other moms journey with this medicine.
  • The lessons will aid you in integrating the medicine and offer an easy way to "DO THE WORK." (Because yes mama, you've got some work to do.)

Once you've gotten to understand some of the basics, I'm certain you'll start to see subtle changes and more over time. You will realize this is a healing path we can - and should - pursue in community. You'll lean into it all and watch yourself GROW.



Before you can join the course I'll need a little more information about you, to make sure this is a good fit for you. Once you apply, you'll be lead to a short survey, and then we'll schedule a call to chat.




With Course.1 You Get...


Dates and times that fit YOUR schedule

You'll have the opportunity to choose a cohort with dates and times for the zoom calls that fits your busy schedule. Once you fill out the short, encrypted survey, either Tracey or another amazing M.O.M. facilitator will hop on the phone to answer all your questions and place you in the perfect cohort.



Lifetime Access to Course Materials + Access The Grow Community + The Garden Community + The Resource Garden + The Video Garden!

This community grows and expands with you. Every day we're adding more information, more activities and more ways to learn and heal together.
We're excited and grateful that YOU will be part of this revolution for moms!



Join our fun, frank and informative chat with life-long besties, moms and microdosers Tracey Tee and Shayna Bryan.


Video Poster Image


The ABCs and science of microdosing + the importance of intention and integration

*Also available as a separate course.

Facing Fear, Stepping Into Security

Grounding into the medicine and exploring the Root Chakra


Facing Rigidity, Stepping Into Nourishment

Learning to FLOW and nourish ourselves with the Sacral Chakra


Facing Doubt, Stepping Into Sovereignty

Integrating and 'Firing Things Up' with the medicine



Facing Judgement, Stepping Into Unity

Integrating your Heart Chakra with the medicine


Facing Self Sabotage, Stepping Into Truth

Using your voice and discovering your Throat Chakra


Facing Confusion, Stepping Into Intuition

Combining the Third Eye and Crown Chakras


Learn about everything from adaptogens to supplements, improving sleep to tapering off alcohol, and more ways to stay healthy and feel great as a busy mom on mushrooms. 

Deepen your practice with Tracey’s personal spiritual story and some recommended support tools you may find enlightening.


Your Course.1 Facilitators


My name is Tracey Tee and am the creator and steward of Moms On Mushrooms. I weave a sacred facilitator approach to my M.O.M. circles, connecting you back to yourself through prayer, herbology, grounding, nature and, of course, plant medicine. My own journey through reproductive health issues, provides me with a unique and very deep level of compassion for mothers and allows me to hold space for health, birth and womb trauma while also offering practical tips for you – a likely overwhelmed and busy mom - to simply feel better in your body. I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband of 20 years, two dogs and our miracle daughter who is 12 years old.


Hi! I'm Anastasia, mom to 3 beautiful children on the island of O’ahu. I’m truly passionate about helping other women reconnect to their passions, their bodies and their soul’s purpose, within and outside of motherhood. As a psychedelic integration practitioner, I offer a safe and trusting container for people to explore the powerful emotions that may surface, helping to navigate material that arises and make meaningful life changes from the experience. I am here to support all moms as you reconnect with your true self, find balance in parenthood, and tune into your highest frequency. 




pay in five Installments if you sign up in november!

  • Three month course
  • Six 90-minute calls with your cohort (one call every other week)
  • Cohorts limited to a maximum of 12 moms
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • All your microdosing questions answered
  • Access to the Resource Garden, brimming with loads of microdosing, health and wellness information
  • Watch The Shroom Room and participate live
  • Access to resources and professionals vetted by Tracey

Still have questions?
That's what the consult call is for!

This medicine is no joke, and I want to make sure you feel comfortable and ready for the journey ahead.  Also, microdosing isn't for everyone and I respect that. A 20-minute call will allow us both to get to know each other and decide if this is a great fit.


Are you a coach, healer or practitioner?
Already microdosing but looking to go deeper?

If you're already microdosing or using plant medicine/psychedelics on your own and want to go deeper PLEASE JOIN US! Many moms who have extensive experience with psychedelics take this course, as do moms who are healers, therapists and coaches. You'll be surprised what you can learn and be inspired by in Course.1!

I'm Ready To Schedule My Call!

Interested in other course options?
We have you covered:

Course.1 connects you with a small cohort of moms like you, guided by Tracey, to begin your journey into plant medicine with each other's support.

Classes are online and scheduled every other week for 6 sessions.




The Self-Guided course is a great way deepen your spiritual journey on your own time, especially if you've already started microdosing.

Includes three monthly online calls with other Self-Guided course members.



Have a group of moms friends that want to experience the power of plant medicine together. Tracey will guide your own personal cohort through Course.1.

Course is the same as on this page; class times are customized to fit your group!



 Maybe groups aren't your thing... and that's okay! You can work one-on-one with Tracey as your personal guide. She'll lead you through the course material and integration of the medicine all on your own, on your own schedule.

Especially great if you feel you need extra support.



Microdosing 101 is a great place to start. You'll get educated and enlightened in this online only course that explains everything from the science of mushrooms to "what even IS a microdose?"

A perfect guide for psilo-curious beginners.